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Early-Career Workshop of the ECREA Diaspora, Migration and the Media Section

When and where: 21 April 2021, afternoon (exact time TBD), Zoom

What happens after the PhD and what are challenges and opportunities? How and where do I publish in the field of media and migration? How to find a good line of research and contribute to it? How to prepare for the post-PhD academic life? And how to cope with imposter syndrome? These are some of the questions we all face as early career scholars.

This year’s YECREA workshop of the Diaspora, Migration and the Media section is directed towards PhD students as well as researchers in early stages, working in the field of media and migration.

The two confirmed facilitators Saskia Witteborn (Chinese University of Hong Kong) and Nishant Shah (ArtEZ University of the Arts) – professors with a long commitment to studying migration and media – will help us to discuss, reflect and answer some of our concerns, questions and problems in an open workshop format.

The topics can revolve around (but are not limited to) experiences of PhD life in the field, publishing, post-doctoral aspirations, or structuring and planning one’s own research project.

If you are interested in participating, please submit 250 words abstract of your PhD project, as well as a set of max. 5 questions concerning your position, career or experiences of being an early-career researcher in the field of media and migration.

Please submit your application via this link:

Deadline for applications: 19 March 2021

For further questions please e-mail: or

*This workshop is part of the ‘Migrant Belongings’ Conference, which is jointly organised by the ERC project CONNECTINGEUROPE, Digital Crossings in Europe: Gender, Diaspora and Belonging and the DMM (Diaspora, Migration and the Media section) of the ECREA.

Recent Past Events

  • Alternative scholarly communication (21-22 October 2019, Finland)
  • Diaspora, Media and Migration (29 October 2019, Belgium)
  • International and Intercultural Communication (29 October 2019, Belgium)
  • Mediatization (31 October 2019, Germany)
  • Health Communication (13 November 2019, Switzerland)

  • YECREA Seminars – Alternative scholarly communication for young scholars

    When and where: 21-22 October 2019, Helsinki, Finland

    The Young Scholars Network of ECREA (YECREA) is happy to invite all young scholars, doctoral students, post-docs, junior scholars, and other early-career scholars – to participate in two seminar sessions, organised as part of the joint conference on ‘Infrastructures and Inequalities: Media industries, digital cultures and politics’ in Helsinki.

    This is a joint initiative of three YECREA Sections: Communication and Democracy; Digital Culture and Communication; and Media Industries and Cultural Production.

    Workshop topics
    – Strategies for building researchers networks – exploring research communities, the potential of digital platforms
    – Broadening scholarly communication – engaging with social media

    Seminar description
    Scholarly communication is undergoing significant changes and evolutions, particularly in today’s shifting media landscape. For young scholars and early career researchers in particular, issues of disseminating our research on social media platforms, creating alternative communication forms, and establishing sustainable researcher communities are particularly

    The shift towards a more diverse array of scholarly communication has already begun. Scholars now share their research and connect with each other on platforms such as, ResearchGate and LinkedIn. As well as these outlets, the traditional article format is being altered by including blog posts, interactive graphics and video. And perhaps most significantly, scholarly conversations are now taking place on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

    These seminars aim to help young scholars navigate the process of sharing their research within this digital media environment.

    21 October 2019
    The first seminar, facilitated by Professor Kirsi Pyhältö, explores the issue of “How to build and sustain researcher networks” . This workshop, intended for PhD students and young career scholars, aims to facilitate use of researcher communities as a resource for doctoral research and career development, by analyzing the potential of these communities, exploring one’s own communities, and discussing them with peers.

    The workshop addresses the function of researcher communities in early
    career researchers’ daily lives, and their role as a central resource for their careers after a doctoral degree.

    22 October 2019
    The second seminar, facilitated by Dr. Salla-Maaria Laaksonen, explores the topic “Why bother? Expert communication on social media”.

    This seminar addresses the issue of the growing diversity of digital platforms for research dissemination, scholarly conversation, and alternative academic networking. It explores how early career researchers can engage with social media, the opportunities and also the pressures that these digital platforms afford, inquiring how young scholars and researchers can benefit from them.

    How to apply
    Please submit a brief expression of interest (max. 200 words) providing a short description of your research interests and why you are interested in attending the seminars.

    Additionally, please provide a short bionote stating your name, email, affiliation and position, and country. Please be aware that participants commit to attending both seminars.

    Application deadline: 15 June

    Please send in your expressions of interests and personal information to:

    Selected participants will be notified by the 15th of July 2019
    Participation in these seminar sessions is free of charge.


    YECREA PhD Workshop of the Mediatization Section Midterm Conference

    When and where: 31 October 2019, University of Bonn, Germany

    Leading up to the the ECREA Midterm Conference of the Mediatization Section, YECREA is happy to announce a PhD workshop with the goal to aide young scholars with a shared interest in the field of mediatization research by providing a platform to discuss their work and connect with peers from diverse backgrounds and in different stages of their career.

    The workshop will be held on the afternoon of the 31st of October (exact schedule and location to be announce). Participants will be given the opportunity to present and discuss their own work with an audience of both young scholars and experienced researchers. The format lives from the experiences and struggles of its individual participants, therefore we explicitly welcome applications in all stages of the PhD research process – from early conceptualizations to almost finished projects.

    How to apply
    To apply, send a brief abstract of the work you want to present (up to 500 words) to

    The abstract should include research questions, theoretical foundations of the project, methods used and preliminary findings (if available). For review purposes, please omit any personal information from the abstract itself. Add author name, institutional affiliation and the stage of your project in the accompanying e-mail

    Geographical and topical diversity will be considered as part of the evaluation process. While the workshop is tailored to young scholars with an explicit interest in the mediatization approach, we encourage everyone who is engaged with research on social and cultural change vis-à-vis new media technologies, both empirically and theoretically, to apply.

    Application deadline: 30 September

    In an attempt to create synergies and opportunities of collaboration, we also want to encourage young scholars to apply to the main event (Deadline for the CfP is the 15th of June). We will actively work towards bringing together young and senior scholars during the whole conference by creating opportunities for feedback and mentorship.

    Accepted presenters will be informed by 15th of September, 2019. A small fee of 20€ per person (40€ for those with full-time employment) will be raised to cover expenses for snacks and refreshments during the workshop.

    Additionally, the YECREA plans to organize a mutual dinner on the evening of the workshop for all those who plan to stay for the main event and/or want to seize the opportunity for an informal get-together.

    Diaspora, Media and Migration – Early-Career Workshop

    When and where: 29 October 2019, Brussels, Belgium

    Considering the interdisciplinary nature of the field and the continuously changing landscape of media and communication technologies, it is crucial for the young researchers to situate their doctoral projects within existing academic literature and research. This is the reason why this year’s young scholar workshop aims to help ten doctoral researchers who work on the intersections of diaspora, media and migration to find their own voice and make sure that it is heard. Each participant will be given the opportunity to present their research project and get feedback, and several group activities will focus on the most effective ways to address limitations of their research, to present the findings/analysis and to think together about the ways in which the research projects are relevant and distinctive.

    Deadline for application: 22 March 2019

    More information at:

    International and Intercultural Communication – Early-Career Workshop

    When and where: 29 October 2019, Brussels, Belgium

    The aim of the workshop is for young scholars to find their own voice and mark their urgent contributions to the fields of International and Intercultural Communication. Considering the young and interdisciplinary nature of these fields and the changing landscape of media and communication technologies, it is crucial for young researchers to situate themselves in relation to existing literature and research, as well as to explore new ways of thinking about our respective research topics. This year’s YECREA activity will give young scholars an opportunity to get feedback from an internationally acclaimed scholar and peers, and to get a set of tools which will help to think thoroughly about their own unique contribution to the field.

    Deadline for application: 15 March 2019

    More information at:

    Health Communication – Early-Career Roundtable

    When and where: 13 November 2019, Zurich, Switzerland

    The Health Communication Temporary Working Group and YECREA is organizing a round table debate titled The responsible conduct of research: The ethical challenges and considerations in health communication studies.

    The event aims to encourage young scholars to exchange and share their concerns, issues, questions, dilemmas, and ideas with other scholars at different stages of their career. It will take place at the 13th of November before the Get Together of the European Conference on Health Communication (ECHC) in Zurich. Participants (young and senior scholars) that would like to take part in the round table discussion can register by sending an email with their name and affiliation to Sara Atanasova (YECREA Representative) at

    Deadline for application: 1 November 2019

    More information at: