Duties and tasks of representatives

YECREA Representatives

Each section, network and temporary working group (TWG) of ECREA has a YECREA Representative. This representative assists the managing team (consisting of a chair and two vice-chairs) in organising panels, symposia and/or conferences, promoting the specific research area. Furthermore, the YECREA representative works to inform early-career scholars about events in the field and take part in organising events, such as pre-conference workshops or meetings. The position is voluntary and the word load largely depends on the engagement of the representative.

The main responsibilities and activities of the YECREA representatives are:

  1. to represent the young scholars and promote their interests within their respective ECREA sections and TWGs, this includes:
    1. organising YECREA workshops at the sections’/TWGs’ conferences; these workshops being aimed at supporting young scholars (for more information, please see YECREA Conference Guidelines);
    2. promoting and increasing opportunities for young scholars to involve themselves in the sections’/TWGs’ work, meetings, conferences, etc.
  1. to provide information to young scholars about activities, events and opportunities within the section as well as its wider research interests that might be of interest to young scholars (job vacancies, calls for papers, etc.); this includes:
    1. dissemination of information through the YECREA Facebook page (facebook.com/groups/yecrea) and the YECREA website.

The YECREA Management Team is always happy to hear about other ideas that Section/TWG representatives might have.

Prior to taking action on behalf of YECREA, representatives are expected to discuss their ideas and plans with the YECREA Management Team. Any event that is undertaken under the name of YECREA needs to be approved by the current management team.

Annual report

The YECREA representatives are expected to produce an annual report (to be sent to the YECREA Management Team by the end of December each year) giving an overview of their activities that year and presenting their plans for the following year.

The YECREA Management team gives feedback on these documents as well as on the actions of the representatives throughout the year. If the Management team and the Section/TWG consider the representative’s work to be disappointing, this will be discussed with the representative and he or she will be expected to act on this feedback. If the representative’s work does not improve, the Management team can decide to ask the representative to step down and look for a new representative.