Becoming a YECREA Representative

Process of Appointment

Each section, network and temporary working group (TWG) of ECREA has one YECREA Representative. This position is voluntary and acts as a link between ECREA and YECREA, representing early-career researchers across Europe.

See a full overview of current YECREA Representatives.

When a position as YECREA Representative becomes vacant, the YECREA management team will notify the section, network or TWG in question, before sending out a call for applicants. The call will be announced publicly through the YECREA website, the YECREA newsletter and other relevant mailing lists. You can sign up for the YECREA Newsletter through the ECREA website (requires membership).

All early-career scholars (according to the definition above) in Europe are eligible to apply. You do not have to be a member of ECREA at the time of application, but has to become so, if you are to take on the position.

As part of the evaluation, motivation and affinity to the section or TWG will be emphasised as well as ensuring geographical diversity.

Applications should be no more than 500 words and contain the following information:

  1. A heading with your name and the specific position you are applying for
  2. Details on your current university, position and progression
  3. A brief description of your research
  4. A brief statement on your work’s connection to the specific section or TWG
  5. A brief statement on your aspirations for improving early-career research

The management team of YECREA will evaluate applications. The final decision on candidates will be taken in collaboration with the managing teams of each section/TWG/network.

How ‘Young’ is a Young Scholar?

YECREA stands for Young Scholars Network of the European Communication Research and Education Association. The “young” in young scholar is not a measure of age, but of career progress. In general, and due to differences among academic systems, including employment conditions, young scholars are considered to be those who are pursuing their PhD studies, holding a post-doc position or a temporary entry level academic position, as understood within their local system, at a university.

YECREA works toward greater involvement of young and new scholars within ECREA and within research areas of the respective sections/TWGs. Ideally, YECREA representatives should therefore not have held their PhD for more than three years. The YECREA Section/TWG representative must be a member of YECREA and meet YECREA’s definition of Young Scholar.


Ideally, there is one representative per section or TWG, and a person can only represent one section or TWG. In exceptional situations, supported by valid argument, the post can be shared by two representatives. However, this needs to be discussed, prior to the appointment, with the YECREA management team, the appropriate Section/TWG management team and agreed between the two candidates.

Stepping down

All outgoing YECREA representatives are asked to contact the YECREA management team and their respective Section/TWG management team, and inform them of the change prior to stepping down.

YECREA representatives step down when they feel they can no longer fulfil their role due to personal reasons, or when they can no longer be considered as young scholars. In these cases, the YECREA management team absolves the representative of his or her duties and starts the process of looking for a new representative. The ideal period ranges from two to three years.