Phoebe Maares, University of Vienna (vice-chair

Phoebe Maares was a YECREA representative of the Journalism Studies Section before joining the YECREA management team as a vice-chair. She completed her PhD in Journalism Studies in 2022 at the University of Vienna, Austria and is a postdoctoral researcher in the project “From Core to Periphery: Boundaries of Journalism”, funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF. Her research focuses on the boundaries of journalism, especially regarding lifestyle topics, as well as the socio-material conditions of journalistic work and the power relations and perpetuated inequalities within the journalistic field. In her dissertation, she explored technologically and economically induced transformations of the journalistic field by examining journalists in atypical employment and their practices in five European countries. She holds a master’s and bachelor’s degree in Communication Science from the University of Vienna. Her research has been published in English and German in peer-reviewed journals, including Journalism, Digital Journalism, Journalism Practice, Poetics, and Media and Communication, as well as in edited books.