ECC 2022

CFP for ECC2022 in Aarhus: Rethink Impact

Update: the new abstract deadline is February 17th, 2022.

The call for papers for the 9th ECREA Communication Conference in Aarhus has been published, with the theme “Rethink Impact”, and the YECREA Network is participating with a call specifically interested in what impact means for PhDs and Early-Career Researchers (ECRs).

The notion of impact can have diverse connotations depending on who is part of the conversation. For ECRs, concerns around academia’s societal impact may be overshadowed by questions around their experiences of, and location within the academic system. Specifically, ECRs find themselves at the crossroads of impact: the impact that capitalism and the neo-liberalization of academia have on facilitating precarity and pressure; conversely, the impact that the invisible labour of ECRs as ‘academic proletariat’ (Teeuwen & Hantke 2007) has on academia.

In ‘rethinking impact’ we seek to examine these dual forces and encourage submissions exploring:

  • How transformations within the academic system are affecting PhDs and ECRs, focusing on issues such as employment precarity, publish-or-perish culture, mental health and wellbeing, and others.
  • The different forms of labour – academic, emotional, aspirational – that ECRs engage in as part of their precarious and relatively invisible position within the academic system, considering also the impact of gender, race, class, and other interlocking structures and categories of experience.

While these issues impact ECRs most acutely, we welcome submissions (re-)considering impact on scholars more broadly.

The deadline for submissions is 17 February, 2022.
The conference will take place on 19-22 October, 2022.

More information, and other section/network/TWG -specific calls can be found on the conference website.