News from YECREA

(1) Solidarity with fellow early-career scholars

Early-career scholars in Europe and beyond are facing unprecedented challenges in terms of working and health conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

From the YECREA Management Team, we just want to remind all early-career scholars that they are not alone in experiencing severe difficulties with work during these incredibly stressful times. While this message of solidarity is of course little comfort in itself, we hope it can serve as a reminder that these are NOTnormal times and early-career scholars should not pressure themselves to behave as if things were operating as usual.

We encourage all early-career scholars to reach out to colleagues, share experiences, build solidarity and push for better support for early-career scholars on an institutional level if needed.

(2) YECREA Pre-conference

The ECREA Conference in Braga, Portugal has been postponed to 6-9 September 2021. In connection to the conference, YECREA is still planning to host a pre-conference for early-career scholars with workshops focused on methods, academic writing as well as labour and health.

YECREA is carefully monitoring the situation. We are planning to issue a call for the pre-conference in spring 2021.

More information about the pre-conference workshops:

– The YECREA managing team (Corinna Lauerer, Norbert Šinković and Johan Farkas)