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Diaspora, Migration and the Media: Representative

YECREA- section representative: introduction and contact information
My name is Christine Horz and I am a PhD candidate at the University of Erfurt/Germany. My thesis is a case study which revolves around the media participation of the Iranian diaspora in public access TV-channels in Germany. In 2005 I have attended the ECREA-Doctoral summer school in Tartu/Estonia which was a very useful experience and recently I have joined ECREA as a member.

Science and Environment Communication: Representative

YECREA Section Representative: brief presentation and contact data
My name is Miguel Vicente and I'm an Assistant Professor at the University of Valladolid (Spain). I teach Public Opinion and Research Methods courses, and I'm also about to complete my PhD in Audiovisual Communication. I've been participating in ECREA and IAMCR since 2005, always mainly focused on the Science and Environment Sections.

Radio Research: Representative

The Radio Research section of ECREA elected in Istanbul, 25 October 2012, its new YECREA Representative: Tiziano Bonini, researcher at the IULM University of Milan.
Tiziano Bonini will work for connecting together young radio scholars and organizing workshops addressed to them in the next Radio Research ECREA section official meeting.
Tiziano Bonini wants to thanks the previous representatives for their work. Please contact Tiziano for every project related to radio research and young scholarship.

Journalism Studies: Representative

The Journalism section representative's aim is fourfold. Firstly, to generate an overview of, and a communication platform for, young scholars examining journalism media. So please, do get in touch in you have relevant info on upcoming conferences, thematic books, useful websites etc. 'Journalism media' are approached in the broadest sense (print, tv/radio broadcasting, online) and from a variety of angles (production, content, reception) and perspectices (regulatory/ethical, professional/technological, political/cultural, economic/commercial, cultural/educational).

International and Intercultural Communication: Representative

Dear all, my name is Stijn Joye and I am currently working as a research and teaching assistant in the Department of Communication Studies at Ghent University (Belgium). I have been working within the broad field of international communication and journalism with a focus on international and foreign news, alternative news agencies and media coverage of global suffering from a multidisciplinary perspective. The latter is also the subject of my PhD which I hope to finalise in the next year. I have been participating in ECREA (conferences and Summer School) as well as in IAMCR and ICA.

Film Studies: Representative

My name is Mariana Liz. I am a PhD candidate at the Film Studies Department at King's College London, although I work closely with the European Studies Department as well. My research project is entitled "European Identity in contemporary cinema". My research interests include European integration, European culture and identity, European cinema, Film and Society and (Trans)national cinemas.

Communication, Law and Policy: Representative

My name is Cristina Cullell and I am a PhD student at the International University of Catalonia. My research project is entitled "EU Digital Dividend Policy”. My research interests include Digitalization, European Media Policy, Regulatory Convergence, Media Markets and Media Industry.
As a Communication Law and Policy Representative, I will regularly post relevant information such as publications, talks, conferences, jobs, summer schools connecting the Communication Law and Policy main section with the network of young scholars.

Audience and Reception Studies: Representative

I am Ranjana Das, currently working as a post-doc in Germany.

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