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Prof Barbie Zelizer and Prof Daniel Hallin recently visited The University of Massachusetts. They were interviewed for the CSSC Encounters series on ACTV.

To watch the interview, go to:
For Barbie Zelizer:

Global Institutions - New perspectives and contemporary debates, Seminar and PhD course in Uppsala, Sweden

What are the challenges and current developments in organizationalinstitutionalism? One of the salient features of contemporary debates in institutional theoryis the rise and proliferation of global institutions. How do globalinstitutions come about? What is the impact of these institutions onorganizations and on societies, and on the way we understand the activitiesand relations of organizations in modern society? You are welcome to discuss these and other issues at two full-day seminars

new website and CfP: MATRIZes


The website of MATRIZes, Journal of the Postgraduate Program in Communication Sciences of University of São Paulo, Brazil, has been completely redesigned. The new page, created in OJS (Open Journal System), will increase the journal international receptivity. All issues and papers published in MATRIZes are available in the new website. We invite you to visit our web site to review articles and items of interest and also review the Table of Contents of the last issue.

ECREA establishes two new thematic sections

ECREA's Executive Board is happy to announce the establishment of two new thematic sections: the Communication History section and the Television Studies section.

A full overview of the thematic sections can be found here:, and a more detailed description of the two new sections can be found below (and on their respective webpages).

Commission sets new information society challenge: Becoming literate in new media

The way we use media is changing, the volume of information enormous, demanding more of us than  being able to read, write or use a computer. The European Commission today warned that Europeans young and old could miss out on the benefits of today's high-tech information society unless more is done to make them 'media literate' enough to access, analyse and evaluate images, sounds and texts and use traditional and new media to communicate and create media content.

Spain: Interesting links

> Portal de la Comunicación (INCOM - Autonomous University of Barcelona)
> Communication Policies Observatory (INCOM - Autonomous University of Barcelona)
> Local Communication Observatory (INCOM - Autonomous University of Barcelona)



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