Symposium on Cinema, Embodiment and the Aesthetics of Pornography

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The European Society for Aesthetics / 'Symposium On Cinema, Embodiment and the Aesthetics of Pornography'
 Symposium and Film Screening
 On Cinema, Embodiment and the Aesthetics of Pornography
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Organisers: Sara Janssen, Eleen Deprez, Hans Maes
 With the generous support of:
The British Society of Aesthetics
 The Aesthetics Research Centre, University of Kent 
The Centre for Film and Media Research, University of Kent 
Symposium on Cinema, Embodiment and the Aesthetics of Pornography 
Date: Thursday 3 March 2016, 9.30am-4pm 
Location: Darwin Lecture Theatre 3, University of Kent 
FREE (Register online)
This one-day symposium focuses on the intimate relationship between cinema, embodiment, and pornography. By bringing together an interdisciplinary range of speakers, originating from disciplines such as philosophy of art, film and media studies, and cultural studies we investigate the relationship between cinema and the senses. From investigating the “cinema of attractions” in early cinema, to the “haptic visuality” apparent in intercultural and feminist film, and “body genres” such as horror, melodrama, and pornography; in very different ways​ film scholars have argued against the conventional emphasis on vision and visibility and in favour of an understanding of embodied spectatorship. In relation, recent research in analytic aesthetics has focused on the multimodality of perception as well as definitions of erotic art and pornography. This symposium explores in what ways different pornographies engage with the sensate, tactile, and visceral experience of sexuality. By instigating a dialogue between scholars from different approaches we hope that this symposium will advance scholarly engagement with the "carnal aesthetics" of pornography.
Film Screening on Cinema, Embodiment and the Aesthetics of Pornography
 Date: Wednesday 2nd of March 2016, 7pm-9.30pm
 Location: Lupino Cinema, University of Kent
 FREE, (Register online)
A film screening with a selection of short feminist, lesbian, queer, and trans pornographic films will usher in the symposium on Wednesday night. The screening will be concluded with a panel discussion and Q&A with filmmaker and scholar Ingrid Ryberg, curator and scholar Eliza Steinbock, and feminist pornographer Pandora Blake.
Registration (free): 
Disclaimer: Please be aware that due to the theme of the event, both the symposium and the film screening will discuss and show images of a mature content.

The symposium and film screening are two of the components that make up the cross-disciplinary project Confined Projections, which is part of the International Festival of Projections taking place at the University of Kent 21-23 March 2016. The project also includes the exhibition of six custom-made mutoscopes, showing work by national and international artists and filmmakers. Taking the mutoscope as leitmotiv, this project investigates the tension between public and private, visibility and invisibility, and proximity and distance in the film experience, revealing interesting connections between this early form of cinema and more recent developments in erotic filmmaking. 

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