Young Scholars’ Fund - Call for Applications

Young Scholars’ Fund

The newly established young scholars’ fund, provided by ECREA, consists in an initiative of ECREA scholars aiming to facilitate young colleagues’ participation in the bi-annual European Communication Conference (ECC) in the form of fee waivers.

We invite young scholars, members of YECREA and ECREA, to apply for conference fee funding so as to encourage their attendance at the 5th European Communication Conference, to be held in Lisbon, 12-15 November 2014.

Applicants need to  ensure that they are:


  1. young scholars’ according to YECREA’s definition (master students, PhD students and post-doc scholars without fixed or tenure-track positions)
  2. members of ECREA and YECREA
  3. authors of a submission officially accepted to be presented at the ECC
  4. not receiving any other funding resources

Young scholars who are eligible for funding have to submit an application stating the title of the accepted submission (including specification of other co-authors, if any), country and institution of affiliation, student status (master or PhD student, post-doc or research fellow etc.), statement that they are not receiving any other funding resources as well as indication of their travel costs to the conference site.

All applicants are asked to complete and submit the form, together with supporting evidence (including estimated travel and accommodation costs, proof of enrollment/student status, confirmation of acceptance to present at ECC2014) to the YECREA management team via email before 1 September 2014.

All applicants will be notified two weeks after this deadline. Successful applicants that have already paid fees will be reimbursed by ECREA.


Benjamin De Cleen, Christian Schwarzenegger and Anne Kaun