“Euro Crisis in the Press”: Call for Blog contributions

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The “LSE Eurocrisis in the Press” is a blog that comments on, deconstructs and compares public discourses on the Euro Crisis. The blog is an open forum for discussion and analyses, for sharing interesting facts, anecdotes and observations about narratives of the crisis, and, in particular its news coverage in different national contexts. Associated with the Media Department at the LSE, the blog is part of a research project, the ‘Euro Crisis in the Press’, which is an interdisciplinary comparative study investigating press coverage as a platform of public discourses on the crisis. We invite contributions to the blog by scholars and practitioners of different disciplinary backgrounds that have an interest in the debates surrounding the Euro Crisis and especially – but not exclusively – its media coverage. For more information, visit our blog http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/eurocrisispress/ and our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/EuroCrisisPress or follow us on Twitter @LSEEurocrisis. For an expression of interest or to submit a contribution to the Blog, e-mail us at LSEEurocrisisBlog@gmail.com .