Doctoral workshop - "Audiences: A cross-generational dialogue"

“Audiences: a cross generational dialogue”
A faculty-mentored cross-generational doctoral workshop on audiences and audience research
Organised by YECREA and COST Action IS0906 Transforming Audiences Transforming Societies
Presented in collaboration with ECREA (Audience and Reception Studies section)
What is new and unique about being an audience researcher in contemporary media environments? Are old questions, challenges and concepts still of worth? What do we envisage in the next few decades of audience studies, and where does our own work fit into that narrative? Addressing, these questions, the ARS section of ECREA, YECREA (the young scholars' network of ECREA) and COST Action IS0906 brings together three generations of audience researchers in an intensive day-long workshop in Brussels on 11th April 2012.
For this, we invited abstracts from graduate students (preferably in advanced stage of doctoral research) who see themselves contributing to audience studies, including print, radio, film, television and internet audiences and users. The workshop is intended as a cross-generational space where audience scholars from three distinct generations come together to discuss the work of the doctoral students participating in the workshop and also broader questions for the field
Mentors! The workshop will bring together Professors Denis McQuail, Kim Schroder, Sonia Livingstone, David Buckingham, Martin Barker With a diverse range of approaches to audiences between them, they will spend a day listening and responding to doctoral research and addressing questions raised by their projects especially as they fit into the narrative of audience research in the future decades. The intensive day long workshop will feature opening and closing statements from each faculty mentor, organised in a plenary, and parallel workshops focusing on student work during the day.
Funding! We were able to accept 20 doctoral students for this workshop, of whom up to 10 students can be funded, provided the student is a member of the COST Action Transforming Audiences Transforming Societies. Students who are not a member of the Action will have to fund themselves if accepted to attend this workshop.