About Yecrea

Who We Are

YECREA, the Young Scholars Network of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) represents the young scholars within ECREA. YECREA’s main objectives are to give a voice to the young generation within ECREA, and to provide young scholars with an international network. This includes (but is not limited to) doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers.

The current management team of YECREA is:

  • Johan Farkas, Malmö University (chair)

    Johan Farkas is a PhD Fellow at Malmö University, Media and Communication Studies. His thesis explores societal questions of disguised propaganda, ‘fake news’, political struggles and civic engagement, specifically in connection to digital media. Farkas has previously published studies of political participation and activism online. Prior to becoming the Chair of YECREA, he was the YECREA Representative in the Communication and Democracy Section of ECREA.

  • Corinna Lauerer, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (vice-chair)

    Corinna Lauerer is a faculty member and doctoral student at the Department of Communication Studies and Media Research at LMU Munich where she is part of the journalism research unit chaired by Thomas Hanitzsch. She has studied Media and Communication Science and Political Economics at the University of Erfurt and LMU Munich until 2012. She is a recipient of the department’s Best Thesis Award (MA) at LMU Munich. Before becoming Vice-chair of YECREA, she was the YECREA Representative of the Journalism section of ECREA. Her research and teaching focuses on the intersection of journalism and economics, organizational research and journalistic work.

  • Norbert Šinković, University in Novi Sad (vice-chair)

    Teaching assistant at the Department of Media Studies and PhD student at Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad (Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences and Humanities). The focus of his thesis is on the media consumption of the Yugoslavian diaspora.

What We Do

YECREA’s goal is to provide young scholars with relevant information, stimulate PhD initiatives aimed at PhD support, and create forums where young scholars can share ideas, get peer support and peer review. A special emphasis is put on PhD support. YECREA aims to provide a bridge between the young generation and the advanced members of ECREA, to stimulate both communication and collaboration between the two.

The YECREA network communicates through a newsletter, and especially through the YECREA Facebook page that informs the community of young scholars of conferences, scholarships, graduate programmes, jobs, etc. Also, YECREA is present at ECREA workshops and conferences.

YECREA is represented in the ECREA thematic sections through Section Representatives. These Section Representatives ensure communication from young scholars to the section and vice versa, and represent the young scholars within the section.