Call for YECREA Communications Officer

The YECREA Network is calling for early-career communication researchers across Europe to apply for 1 vacant position as ‘YECREA Communications Officer’.

Deadline for applications: 15. December, 2022

The YECREA Communications Officer will assist the YECREA management team (Sandra Banjac, Antonio Cuatero and Phoebe Maares) with diverse administrative and organisational tasks. Specifically, you will participate in YECREA management meetings, manage YECREA’s social media accounts, support the YECREA management team in event planning and organising, and other general administrative tasks. The Communications Officer will be an integral part of the YECREA management team, and share our commitment to actively contribute to the YECREA community.

The ‘young’ in young scholar is not a measure of age, but of career progression. Thus, all scholars in non-tenure positions (e.g. PhDs and postdocs) are welcome to apply. It should be noted that the YECREA Communication Officer position is not paid. We encourage applications from those who are able to commit to this role for at least one year.

Applications should be no more than 500 words and contain the following information:

  1. A heading with your name
  2. Details on your current affiliation (university, position) and progression, indicating also whether you will be able to commit to this role for at least one year
  3. A brief statement on your experience with running social media accounts, administrative tasks, event planning and organising
  4. A brief statement on your aspirations for improving early-career scholars’ experiences in academia

More information about YECREA can be found at: and questions should be sent to: