Antonio Cuartero, University of Malaga (Vice-Chair)

Antonio Cuartero (Vice-Chair)

Antonio was the YECREA representative TV Section for three years, before he became part of the YECREA managing committee. His research mostly is focused on literary journalism, narrative journalism, “crónicas” and reportage in television, newspapers and books. PhD in Journalism with European mention. He is working as interim teacher at the Department of Journalism in the University of Malaga. He graduated in Journalism, and he has a master’s degree in Journalistic Research and Communication. Previously, he worked with a predoctoral contract (FPU) in the Department of Journalism at the University of Malaga. He received the extraordinary PhD award for this thesis. His last published book is Literary Journalism and Civil Wars: Reportage and Civil Wars Through the Ages (2020). In 2019 he received Media Studies Grant from FIAT/IFTA. “The International Federation of Television Archives”.